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How to Be a Good Estate Agent and Capturing Continuous Value

Before you started as an estate agent, you must have been told or researched about the real estate industry with a view of understanding what is expected of you. SC Property Hub believes that you must have realised that you need to be trained or acquired the skills and knowledge from educational institutions.

You must have been informed that to be a successful estate agent you need both short and hard skills. In today’s competitive environment, these skills are crucial to the survival of estate agency business. To have a continuous positive relationship with clients and colleagues, you need good communication skills. You must be able to communicate in writing and speaking effectively. You must also know how to motivate clients and adapt to their needs. Knowing clients’ time frame is also necessary.

One of the real estate specialists notes that “if the customer gets a good a deal, the agent gets a good deal.” This means that the more you treat your clients well, the higher both of you capture the needed value, and developing sustainable relationships that would lead to more clients. No matter the situation, you must prioritise your clients’ need.  

As you are coordinating the property owner and buyer or house seeker towards a successful transaction, you must be innovative and proactive in your engagement with the two players. You must devise means to decrease perceived risk and increase perceived rewards. The defrauding fear must be eliminated as soon as you detect it either from the property owner or house seeker or buyer.


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