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SC Property Hub lectures Property Owners on Fire Accident

As people and businesses experience Harmattan season, the management of SC Property Hub has advised property owners in the rural and urban areas in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana to take extra caution during the season.

According to Abdullah Oladipo, the Business Operations Manager, “the season usually comes with many factors capable of causing fire incidents at homes and workplaces. “In these countries, statistics have revealed that fire do raze many property in urban and rural areas occasioned by different factors or reasons,” he noted.

“In the rural areas, it has been reported that failure to take extra caution, while cooking using fire wood and burning of bushes have led to loss of property worth billion of cedi, Shilling and Naira in the three countries.”

According to him, urban property owners are most likely to lose their property to fire incidents if they failed to be cautious of electrical appliances and points, store petrol and other inflammable materials at homes.

“It is essential that property owners in urban and rural areas seek professional advice from facility management companies to help examine electrical appliances likely to ignite the fire. “There is also a need for at least one fire extinguisher in every home and workplace”, he reiterated.


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